STW Drumming

Drum Teacher, Session Musician

Brisbane Drum Lessons


STW Drumming has a great sized air conditioned studio for teaching drums located on the North side of Brisbane.

The room is equipment with two 5 piece drum kits, and two drum practice pads. The students will have their own drum pad and drum kit to use in the lessons. The room is set up so the teacher and student can play along together, or one at a time. You have access to the internet as well, so song play-along is not a problem.

Learn drums in a comfortable, safe environment.

  • Learn the basic foundations of drumming: The Single Stroke Roll, Double Stroke Roll, Paradiddle. To more complex rudiments: Ruff, Drag, Flam, Triple Paradiddle, and much more.

  • Learn the drum groove: 4 / 4 drum beat patterns, odd times, double kick grooves, 8th note, 16th note grooves.

  • Learn awesome Drum Fills, and much much more on the drum kit.

There is also a waiting room next to the drum room for parents, and students waiting for their lesson.