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Welcome to another STW Drumming Newsletter.


The dreaded word - PRACTICE! It's haunts ALL musician's dreams, and awake hours. But it is something that is VITAL to the growth of any musician in the world!! Follow the link to my PRACTICE SCHEDULE page to find out my thoughts on practice. This isn't a "be all end all" practice schedule, but more of a broad idea and assistance for practice. If you would like further and more in-depth information on practice, talk to me directly and we can nut it out!

DRUM SCHOOL HOURS: scotty's new bubba IS coming

Baby Wade is due around the end of July. So from now until baby Wade arrives, I am on call! When baby is ready to come into this world, and I am running a lesson, I will have to leave in a hurry. I apologise now, if we are in the middle of a lesson and I have to leave ASAP.

After Baby Wade arrives, STW DRUMMING will be shut for 2 weeks - dates to be confirmed obviously :) I will keep you all in the loop when these dates are known.

After these 2 weeks, for a further 2 weeks, the Drum School will be open at a reduced capacity. I will contact you all in regards to any change of times or days over these 2 weeks for lessons. After this 4 week period, STW Drumming class times and days will be back to normal.

MY NEW BAND - mercurious

You may have heard me mention this quite a bit over the last few weeks. But it's official, I am the new drummer of Brisbane outfit, Mercurious. Check them out here:

Our first show is at The Backroom, Annerley - Friday, 29 June. $10 tickets for sale from me :-)

In the next couple of weeks, I will be posting a drum play through video for one of Mercurious' songs! Stay Tuned!


As some of you may know, my other part of my life/business is Personal Training. I have been a fitness coach for over 4 years now, and I currently have an awesome crew that train with me 3 to 5 times per week. I also have been training kids at the gym, and some of them are drum students!

Therefore, after the Easter Holidays, I am offering, to those interested, STW PT Kids Classes. Here is the link to some more information about me, pricing, times, etc:

I run adults small-group training classes, one on one classes as well!


watch what a cymbal stand can do!!


These are some drummers that inspired me to start drumming, or are currently inspiring me. Give them a google and see what you think :-)

Morgan Rose - Sevendust
Thomas Lang - Clinician / Session drummer
Grant Collins Clinician / My drum teacher


If you would like to see anything at the drum school, be it : things to go over in the lessons, or things to read in the waiting room, or anything like that. Be sure to drop me a line and let me know :-)

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Thanks again, take care