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Welcome to another STW Drumming Newsletter…

wow!!! WHAT A YEAR!!!

Sorry it has been a few months since the last newsletter, but my goodness - SO much has been happening!!!

This year isn’t even over yet!!! In brief, I moved premises for teaching, from home to it’s awesome current location, a purpose built drum room at Everton Park. To moving house, then to the arrival of our little miracle, Baby Wade.

I say it quite often, but thank you all for your support through-out 2018!! It has been a great year, and I already can’t wait to start up again in 2019!!


Over Xmas and New Year’s, STW Drumming will be taking a well deserved break :-) The School will be closed from after the last lesson Friday, 21st December. We then reopen Monday, 14th January 2019.


Over the last 6 plus weeks, most of my students (you) have been learning a song. Over the Xmas/NY Holidays I will be offering students the opportunity to record that song!!!

The drum teaching room will be transformed and ready to record audio and video! The session will take 2 hours; to record the song, to make sure we get that perfect take! After the 2 hour session, I will run home and start work on post-editing the videoing, mixing down the drum track, and syncing it with the original track. After ALL that, I send you a private YouTube link where you will have your VERY OWN VIDEO CLIP with multiple angles of you playing drums to your favourite song. How GOOD IS THAT!!!

If you are interested, email me ASAP, so I can book you a spot!!

The sessions will be running from Monday 7th January to Friday, 11th January. Then again from Monday 14th January to Friday, 18th January.


Another exciting happening at STW Drumming running over the Xmas/NY Break will be, STW Drumming Master Classes. These classes will be small in size, and set up to go over some EXTRA cool things no necessarily covered in the normal drum lessons. These include, extra and different rudiments, learning a funky groove, or a Linear Groove (what is that!?), refining Ghost Notes, and more!!!!

I will be running these twice a day, twice a week, in December and January: dates below:

Tuesday : 18th December: 10am-12noon
Thursday : 20th December: 10am-12noon
Tuesday : 8th January 2019: 10am-12noon
Thursday : 10th January 2019: 10am-12noon
Tuesday : 15th January 2019: 10am-12noon
Thursday : 16th January 2019: 10am-12noon

Spaces are LIMITED to 3 per class - so if you’re interested, make sure you book in a spot TODAY! Email me for details


a younger me playing a Brisbane original band’s song - amazing song!


The dreaded word - PRACTICE! It's haunts ALL musician's dreams, and awake hours. But it is something that is VITAL to the growth of any musician in the world!! Follow the link to my PRACTICE SCHEDULE page to find out my thoughts on practice. This isn't a "be all end all" practice schedule, but more of a broad idea and assistance for practice. If you would like further and more in-depth information on practice, talk to me directly and we can nut it out!


Be sure to check out SEVENDUST'S new album - "All I See Is War" - available now! Amazing Heavy Rock/Metal band from the U.S.

Also, check out some Aussie Talent - Caligula’s Horse! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!


These are some drummers that inspired me to start drumming, or are currently inspiring me. Give them a google and see what you think :-)

Morgan Rose - Sevendust
Cindy Blackman - the one & only “Santana”


If you would like to see anything at the drum school or in these newsletters, be it : things to go over in lessons, or things to read in the waiting room, or anything like that. Be sure to contact me :-) :

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STW Drumming - instagram

Thanks again, take care