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Drum Teacher, Session Musician

Brisbane Drum Lessons



I have all the gear. If you would like a full list, email me on the contact page, and I will be happy to help!

I am a drummer that plays for the music, and for the artist. I have over 20 years experience on the drum kit with a range styles.

  • Rock

  • Pop Rock

  • Progressive Rock

  • Heavy Metal

  • Country

  • Grunge

  • Contemporary

Pricing will vary per job. I will keep the pricing competitive, and reasonable. Especially for local bands that require a session drummer to play on their single, or EP, or Album.

**the price will include**

  • Re-skinning of the kit (especially if you wish to produce a great sounding EP, Album, or single)

  • Prep-work (learning the songs, chart creation, etc)

  • Time in the studio

Fill out my contact form if you wish to hire my services as a session musician, and we can organise a great price!

**any re-works, or adjustments to the drum track - free of charge**


Alchemix Studios - west end, Brisbane

  • 2017: Josh Rau - session work (single song tracking)

  • 2018: Mel Schinkel - session work (6 track EP for international release)