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MYRNA - parent

Our 13 year old son has been learning drums from Scotty at STW Drumming for about 5 years now and is one of his initial students! Scott's enthusiasm for drums is really infectious! It's obvious he loves playing which extends into his teaching! He makes Tom want to play more too. Scott's dedication shows when he has asked to learn more about Jazz from his own teacher since our son has been asked to play in the school stage band! He makes the lessons fun and jokes around. But he also has good lesson plans that stretch and grow our son's skills. We would recommend Scotty at STW Drumming for anyone wanting to learn the drums.


tuscany - parent

"My 14 year old son has been attending drum lessons at STW Drumming now for several months. He looks forward all week to his Friday lesson. It’s the first time we have signed him up to an extra curricular activity where he doesn’t find it a drag and doesn’t complain about going! Scotty has a way of interacting with teenagers that makes them feel like capable and respected individuals, not just students.

He makes it fun, has a joke with them and makes them feel comfortable. Scotty has been particularly supportive and understanding of my son’s sensitive nature and lack of confidence. We are looking forward to continuing with the lessons and seeing his drumming skills and overall confidence improve."



"My son took his very first drum lesson with Scotty about a year and a half ago. He went from knowing nothing about drums to reading music and playing along to tracks in no time. Scotty has a great teaching style, meaning the classes are not only productive but fun too.

It’s the only activity my son has really committed too, so I know Scotty was doing a brilliant job. I can highly recommend STW Drumming!!"


Nat - Parent

"Our son started drum lessons with scotty around 9 months ago; with no former knowledge or lessons. He loved it instantly and has progressed steadily under scotty's care; now being able to read music, identify drum beats in music and play along to songs that he likes. Scotty has a very relatable approach to kids and keeps us parents well informed. We are excited to see where this goes!" - Nat.

"I like my drum lessons with scotty because he makes them fun. My favourite part is the song we get to do at the end of the lesson every week :-)" - Jeremy.


I learnt drums in my school years but gave it away once I joined the work force.  Now some 20 years later I have started lessons with Scotty at STW Drumming.  Scotty is a very solid drummer and as a teacher is greatly improving my techniques so that I am now starting to feel more confident with my drumming.  I would recommend STW Drumming to anyone that wants to learn or improve their drumming.