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STW Drumming cancellation policy - TERMS & CONDITIONS

  • Cancellation of a scheduled lesson:

  1. 48 hours’ notice - A lesson make-up will be arranged (please see below for more details)

  2. 24 hours’ notice or less - lesson will not be credited.

  3. 5 & 10 Lesson Package Deals and School Term Packages, cancelled 48 hours from when invoice is due : 50% of amount due

  4. 5 & 10 Lesson Package Deals and School Term Packages, cancelled 24 hours from when invoice is due : 100% of amount due

*emergencies will be taken into consideration, please discuss with me if this situation arises.

  • Discontinuing of lessons

If the time comes and you or your child wishes to stop with STW Drumming, I now require at least 2 weeks’ notice. As sad as it is when a student leaves, it does happen. But I need to ensure the Drum School remains open, and I require notice of any leaving students.

If you provide less than 1 weeks’ notice of discontinuing, you will be charged 50% of the intended invoice.

If an invoice has been issued and you have not advised that you are not wishing to continue, or you give advice the day before or on the due date of the invoice, that invoice will require full payment.

  • Late Payment Policy

If a drum payment is not received on the due date, and I have not received any word as to why. The next drum invoice will have a $20 late fee charge added to it.

When an invoice is issued, the due date is on the invoice (this will now be a Wednesday). Payment is due into the bank account, on the due date. Direct Debits take 24 to 48 hours to clear, so please be aware of this.

  • Lesson Make-Ups - Students on my 5 and 10 Lesson Package Deals

If a lesson is missed due to illness, or if you have to cancel a lesson within 48 hours or more, I will now have the first week of each school holiday as a "make up" week.

Example, if you pay for 5 lessons. Week 1, 2, 3, 4 (you're away), 5. You will be invoiced for another 5 lessons after the 5th week of lessons. The 4th lesson that was missed will be made up in the School Holidays.

If School Holiday make-up lessons aren't possible, we can definitely organise alternative day and times, during the school term.

Thank you again for your assistance with this, I appreciate your support with STW Drumming, and I look forward to more AWESOME weeks of crash, bang, boom on the drums!

Kind Regards and appreciation,